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VALFLON™ Ball valve


VALQUA group has a wide range of parts products such as valves, pipes of various shapes, flexible hoses, and fittings as lining products. In addition, we have an official partner globally, so that we can provide a wide variety of high-quality products.


Valflon Ball valve

VALFLON™ Ball valve

A ball valve with a wetted part lined with PFA.
It is used for highly corrosive fluids that cannot be tolerated by metal valves, process piping of plants where acids and alkalis flow alternately, and places that are disliked such as adhesion and fluid contamination.

NDV Ball valve

Good sealing performance against changes in fluid pressure and temperature, and stable torque. It is used in chemistry, environment / water treatment, steel, ships, semiconductors, food, power generation business, etc.

An NDV Fluoropolymer Diaphragm valve

NDV Diaphragm valve(Manually Operated Valves)

A manual diaphragm valve with excellent "airtightness", "maintenance", and "corrosion / chemical resistance".
It is used in various equipment such as semiconductor / pharmaceutical / chemical / food manufacturing equipment and water treatment equipment.

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An NDV Fluoropolymer Diaphragm Pneumatic Operated Valve

NDV Diaphragm valve (Pneumatic Operated Valves)

A pneumatic diaphragm valve with excellent "airtightness", "maintenance", and "corrosion / chemical resistance". It is used in various equipment such as semiconductor / pharmaceutical / chemical / food manufacturing equipment and water treatment equipment.

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An NDV Fluoropolymer BIOCLEAN Diaphragm valve


A diaphragm valve with a groundless and pocketless structure that does not collect liquid. As a valve for piping in the field of biotechnology application, the flow path surface has been carefully finished.

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GEMU Diaphragm valve

This diaphragm valve is ideal for inert gases, corrosive fluids, pharmaceuticals and foods that require purity.

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Valflon Flexible hose

VALFLON™ Flexible hose

A flexible hose made by corrugating a blade or PTFE hose with SUS wire on the outside of the PTFE hose. It is used to absorb axial differences, angular displacements, and vibrations of steam, chemicals, food piping, etc.

Valflon Piping Parts

VALFLON™ Piping Parts

A steel pipe lined with PTFE or PFA that is used for lines that carry highly corrosive acids and alkalis. We have a wide variety of lineups including straight pipes and fittings.

PTFE-Lined Tubes

PTFE Tubes / PTFE EX Tubes

We now offer PTFE Lined Tubes, specifically designed for the transport of highly corrosive acids and alkaline chemicals. Crafted with precision, these tubes provide a robust solution for safely and efficiently transporting substances prone to corrosion. Trust in the exceptional chemical resistance of our PTFE-lined tubes to maintain the integrity of your processes in handling corrosive materials.

PTFE-Lined  Pipes

PTFE  Dip Pipe / PTFE Spray Ball

The PTFE drop tube is used for blowing, sucking and dropping steam, gas, chemicals, etc. in chemical factories and other reaction kettles, autoclaves, stirring tanks, pickling equipment, etc.

PureFlex Hose

Now offering the PureFlex Ultra Flex Heavy Duty Hose, featuring the thickest seamless PTFE liner in the industry and an extensive size range (1/2"-6") to meet the demands of high-purity and chemical applications. With open-pitch spiral convolutions for easy cleaning and a tight bend radius for space-constrained locations, this hose ensures continuous fluid contact through cuffed and flared PTFE liners. Resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, FDA-approved for sanitary use, and flexible for diverse applications, our PureFlex hose is engineered for extended use in challenging environments, maintaining durability and performance.

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PTFE processed Spray Ball

Spray ball

A PTFE-processed product in which the nozzle hole is machined with high precision on the entire spherical surface at the tip. It can efficiently clean the inside of tanks such as reaction increase, stirrer, storage tank, etc., and it can be always installed in the tank by taking advantage of the heat resistance and chemical resistance of PTFE. In addition, since cleaning can be performed in a short time, the amount of cleaning liquid to be used is small.

Valflon PTFE Bellows


VALFLON PTFE Bellows are a meticulously molded solution designed for use as a shaft displacement and absorption pipe joint. Engineered for precision, these bellows provide efficient flexibility, accommodating shaft movements while effectively absorbing pipe vibrations. Trust in the reliability and durability of VALFLON PTFE Bellows to enhance the performance and longevity of your piping systems in dynamic applications.

Berstscheiben Schlesinger GmbH Rupture Disc

This disc is a safety device that prevents damage to sealed equipment due to excessive pressure. It is used in processes with medium and high pressures, high operating temperatures, and significant pressure fluctuations, such as in nuclear reactors, pressure vessels, and gas cylinders.

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Nitto Kohki Semicon Quick Couplers

Quick Couplings/ Connectors/ Couplers 

Explore our tailored Fluoropolymer Quick Couplings/ Connectors/ Couplers  for precise equipment needs. These quick couplings, including PTFE-based options, offer reliable, leak-free sealing under varying conditions. With excellent chemical resistance, they are ideal for diverse substances. Suited for high-purity applications in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing, our connectors have minimal extractables. Inquire for guidance on the optimal choice for durability and reduced replacements.

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