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PTFE and PFA lined vessels and storage tanks


Since establishment in 1981, we have been engaged in the processing and application of fluororesin sheet liners to stationary and mobile vessels. In the process, we have refined our techniques to meet the increasing demands for ultra-high purity, corrosion resistant, and long service life vessels in the semiconductor industry.

We will bring together the strengths of VALQUA Group to provide eco-friendly products with excellent attention to cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Tank products

Storage tank

Fluoropolymer lined storage tank

Explore our range of storage tanks tailored to your needs, offering both unlined and lined options. Our standout choice is the lined tank, featuring cutting-edge fluoropolymer linings for exceptional corrosion resistance, purity, and cleanliness. Ideal for safeguarding sensitive materials, these tanks go beyond expectations, ensuring the durability and integrity of your valuable assets. Choose innovation and reliability with our state-of-the-art-lined storage tanks.

Large capacity storage tank

FLuoropolymer lined large capacity tank

Introducing our Large Capacity Storage Tank, designed to meet customer demands for substantial storage needs. With a remarkable capacity of over 20,000 gallons or 120 cubic meters, this tank offers flexibility in both unlined and lined options. Whether you prioritize traditional use or advanced corrosion resistance with state-of-the-art fluoropolymer linings, our Large Capacity Storage Tank ensures reliability and high standards for durability and cleanliness. Choose innovation to secure substantial quantities of materials with ease confidently.

Columns / Towers / Spools

Columns / Towers / Spools

Introducing our versatile Separation/Collection Tower, expertly designed for efficient handling of corrosive chemicals and gases. Whether functioning as an absorption or diffusion tower, this robust device ensures reliable and precise separation processes in industrial applications. Trust in its durability and adaptability for your specific needs.

ISO container

ISO container

We offer the fabrication of ISO containers, manufactured to ISO standards for secure chemical transport. Designed for semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, and chemical plants, this container comes in 10 and 20-foot sizes. Rely on its precision and reliability for standardized chemical transportation in diverse industrial settings.

Tank Trailers

Tank trailer

Introducing our range of tank trailers designed for superior performance and reliability in transporting liquids or gases. Committed to safety and efficiency, our trailers exceed industry standards. Tailored to diverse industries such as petrochemicals and food processing, our tank trailers offer various capacities and configurations. Constructed with precision using carbon and stainless steel, our storage tanks, tank trailers, and ISO containers ensure durability and compliance with rigorous standards. Choose our trailers for a dependable solution that meets your specific operational needs.

Additional Products

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

Come and see about our PTFE-lined Heat Exchangers, meticulously crafted for efficient heat transfer and unparalleled chemical resistance. Whether in chemical, pharmaceutical, or food industries, our custom-designed heat exchangers offer optimal performance and durability. Tailor-made to accommodate diverse conditions, they ensure a perfect fit for your application, safeguarding process integrity and purity.

Filter Housings

PTFE lined filter housing

Our PTFE-lined filter housings offer tailored solutions for diverse filtration needs across industries. With standard diameters from 18" to 24", they accommodate various applications and can be customized for different-sized filters. Operating in a temperature range of ambient or 60°F to 75°F, our PFA, PTFE, and PTFE-ET linings provide superior chemical resistance and filtration capabilities, handling temperatures up to 200°F. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to ensure precision, reliability, and optimal performance in applications spanning semiconductor manufacturing to water treatment.

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